Learn to Code over Spring Break!



Here is a description of Micro:bit, Minecraft EDU, and MakeCode Arcade from the MakeCode blog.  Here you will find some online courses and links to learn more if you want to learn more outside of the stream.  This looks like a lot of fun, so dig in and share what you learn with us on the Overton County Schools Facebook page.


MakeCode Arcade

MakeCode Arcade, is an immersive game coding platform which has a course series in Computer Science through game programming:



Minecraft Education

Minecraft Education is offering access to Minecraft:Education Edition through June 2020. In addition, there is a remote learning available to use alons side with STEM based lessons. See the details on the Minecraft Education blog.

Within MakeCode too, you can utilize the Introduction to Computer Science with MakeCode for Minecraft course:




The micro:bit foundation offers structured courses and lessons that students can engage with.

For MakeCode for micro:bit you can find a number of courses and in particular, the Introduction to Computer Science with MakeCode for micro:bit: