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Reinforce Student Work

                                                            Reinforce Student Work
Reinforcing student is so important. Always remember to reinforce the small accomplishments as well as the big ones. Here are just a few ideas for reinforcing good work habits and accomplishments.
*Verbal Praise.
*A special treat.
*One-on-one time with a parent or sibling.
*Play a game with your child.
*Play a fun sound, or music after a set number of answers.
*Find a video the student enjoys watching when the work is completed.
*Physical reinforcers like high fives, hugs, or outside/inside activity.
*Call or chat with a friend or another adult to share the student's success.
*Create a video.
*Draw or color if the student enjoys that.
*NO INTERNET DAYS OR ANYTIME:  Kids enjoy playing games, reading, cooking, pet care, and having home responsibilities or chores.  Kids appreciate time with parents more than you may realize.