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Welcome to Mrs. Kim Pirtle's Class


I believe that a good parent/teacher relationship is necessary for maximum school success.

Throughout the year, I will communicate with you through notes, telephone calls, weekly newsletters, mid-nine weeks reports, report cards, and parent-teacher conferences. I realize that many of you are working parents and time is limited, but it is extremely important for what is learned in Kindergarten to be reinforced at home. Also, children at this age love for their parents to be involved, which won't last forever!
I know that all children are different, and any insight that you can give me on how best to deal with your child is welcomed. I encourage you to contact me if you have any questions or concerns at any time.
The school's phone number is 498-2825.

My email address is [email protected] 



Please send all money to school in a sealed envelope or baggie with the following information written on it.

1. Your child’s name

2. The amount of money

3. The purpose of the money (separate envelopes for multiple items – lunch money, book order, etc)

4. Mrs. Pirtle’s Class

With a classroom of kindergarteners all of this information is extremely important. Since there are several reasons to collect money, this will reduce the likelihood of errors. Also, if the envelope is left on the bus or dropped in the hallway this information will help the money be returned to my classroom.


Daily Snack

Kindergarten has snack every afternoon. In my classroom, every child is responsible for bringing their own snack. We eat lunch at 10:30am, so by snack time all of the students are hungry. It is very important to remember to pack a snack with your child on a daily basis. Snacks are not provided by the school. Sometimes I may have a few snacks in my classroom for backup, but most days I have nothing in the classroom to give to a student for snack if he/she should forget to bring one.

It is very important that your child is here every day and on time for school. Learning activities are group oriented and involve interaction with classmates. Therefore, it is next to impossible to recreate this setting at home. The school bell rings at 7:45am. Any child entering the school after this time will need to be taken to the office by an adult to be signed in and receive a tardy slip.



Change of Clothes

Your child will need a change of clothes that include a shirt (long sleeve and short sleeve), pants/shorts, socks, and underwear.  Please send these items in a plastic bag with your child’s name on the outside. From the playground, art projects, and bathroom mistakes, accidents do and will happen. Having a change of clothes at school will be more convenient for everyone. This will eliminate the need for you to be disturbed and your child being uncomfortable.



Please contact me if your child is to be dismissed other than their normal dismissal plan.  You can send a note, send a remind message, or call the school. 



Emergency Closings

You will need to make sure your child knows what to do if school is dismissed eary due to an emergency, such as snow. Please be sure I have a completed and up to date early dismissal form. Please inform the school and me if your plan and/or phone number changes at any time.
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