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Teacher Philosophy

As bright-eyed, enthusiastic children flood into my classroom, a famous quote by Brad Henry reflect in my mind, “a good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instill a love of learning.” This famous quote showcases the importance of teaching. I am blessed to pursue my passion for teaching, and this quote has been integral in proclaiming my philosophy of education. My optimal goal as a teacher is giving each children a wonderful educational experience. To make students eager to learn, I want to foster an engaging, positive learning environment that taps into their interest and promotes their personal needs. In my eyes, early education is a vital part in creating a brighter future. To obtain my goals as an educator, I must create and tailor educational programs that highlight the children’s needs and embody play into learning!

Through my knowledge and personal experiences, I believe children adapt to learning if the focus is on creating crystalizing moments and having fun. A crystalizing moment, according to theorist Piaget, is a “given moment or day in which we can facilitate an experience which makes a lifelong impact.” Piaget is a well-established early child developmental theorist who composed vast research on how children learn best through play and by exploring their worldly surroundings. In other words, by adding in activities which the child likes, they will produce educational elements and developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) at an early age. Developmentally appropriate practice is important to my profession because it is the framework designed to promote young children’s optimal learning and development. My teaching enhances the importance of play within the curriculum because of the vast incline in developmental practices to the early learner. Piaget promotes the quote, “play is the answer to the question: how does anything new come about?” Piaget entails the importance of exploring the real-world while having students best interest at heart. As an educator, I aim to establish vast amounts of passion and drive within each, individual child.

Success starts when connections and networks are developed for each child. Moreover, as a teacher, I want to establish a relationship with both the child and the parent. As I perceive the manner, working with parents and guardians can dramatically impact young children’s success in the classroom. I believe success can be embodied in young children by obtaining a personal bond with each family, so the best social communication and education can be given to each active learner. My top priority is to gift each child with care and give them utilizes for success. In my classroom, I want to establish crystalizing moments and have the children eager to walk into the school building every day with an abundance of confidence in their abilities.

Communication is the foundation or building block for any beneficial learning environment, especially when we are talking about young learners. By using continuous communication, teachers and family can build a unit to excel dramatically. As for the child’s communication, I will have daily check-ins with each child to strengthen our personal bond, social skills, and one-on-one communication benefits. I believe using this teaching strategy goes hand-and-hand with developmental appropriate practice along with increasing community citizen skills. Along with these connections, young children and I, the teacher, need to adopt a communication concept. I believe a simple sentence or gesture such as a smile can embody a positive outlook on the day ahead. In addition to skillful work, communication can be used to document and observe placement of the child. As I engage with the young learners, I can track how well their speech progress is going and develop individual goals for each learner. I believe observing and documenting children’s oral skills can help support growth and success for a positive future.

All in all, my teaching philosophy highlights the importance of communication, having fun, and making accommodations for each student to thrive in the classroom. My optimal goal in life is to create crystalizing moments for each student so they will have a successful, positive future with whatever career path they select.

My Teacher Goals:

•   Integrate culture and diversity with the young learners’ minds.

•   Build a foundation for future growth and success in higher curriculum

•   Encourage curious minds and create crystalizing moments to inspire a love of learning.

•   Develop appropriate social skills and connections within our children

•   Embody the importance of community within the hearts of each child.