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At Home Activities

                                                          At Home Activities:

Reading for 20 minutes a day is great. Reading to or with your child is a great activity. It can be anything from a cereal box to a favorite story and the students like to hear you read as well.  It makes for great family time.  Students can always use a review of basic sight words.  These are words they should know instantly.  There is a list in student folders for lower grades.  Flashcards, pen and paper, or white boards are great for this.  Read stories and books and talk about the pictures and ask questions about the story.  There are reading links under the resources tab.
Under the resources tab (to the right) you will find links to fun math sites.  Some students have IXL or math seeds activities they can login and do.  Some of these activities are listed on their daily plans.  
***3rd graders would greatly benefit from daily review of multiplication tables.
                                  *Occupational Therapy and *Speech Therapy Activities:
Occupational and speech activities are listed under the resources tab at the bottom of the page.  These activities are fun for all.  

***Stay tuned.***